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Development of spintronics/CMOS Hybrid LSI design technology and software, and their productization

  • Toru Masaoka CEO (PSI)
    Toru Masaoka
  • Osamu Takamori R&D Director (T&S)
    Osamu Takamori
  • Shoji Ikeda Prof.
    Shoji Ikeda

Spintronics/CMOS Hybrid LSI Technology that CIES, Tohoku Univ. has been developing to achieve Society5.0 becomes current mainstream to reduce power consumption by 1/100 over the present Silicon CMOS technologies. Therefore, there is a strong demand for the preparation of Process Design Kit (PDK), IP Library, Firmware (FM), and Software Design Kit (SDK) in spintronics/CMOS Hybrid LSI circuit design. They will expand this technology into the application processor with much lower power consumption.
This project consists of three parties. Power Spin Inc. oversees hardware developments. CIES further develops the device parameter extraction technologies, performance analysis and provides to Power Spin. CIES also manages the whole project. T&S inc. develops software such as FM and SDK. These three will work seamlessly to create the concrete foundation of circuit design/ system design/speed up the software development.
This project will lead to; 1) ultralow power consumption and improved performance, 2) lower production cost, 3) shorter product cycle time, 4) improved design efficiency and lower design cost, and 5)improved software development efficiency and cost. As a result, Spintronics/CMOS Hybrid LSI Technology can create a new killer application market, a new ripple effect to the other industry, and contribute to the Society5.0 realization.

Project Structure and the Ripple Effect

Project Structure and the Ripple Effect