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  • Tetsuo Endoh Prof.
    Tetsuo Endoh

Our center was selected as the 1st base of the " J-Innovation HUB Initiative", a new project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2020 (base category : International development category , Representative: Prof. Tetsuo Endoh).

■Overview of the J-Innovation Hub Initiative
In this initiative, METI targets regional open-innovation hubs, mainly universities, and assesses and selects outstanding bases playing a leading role as a hub of companies’ networks, and, thereby, it will aim to: enhance the trust of selected hubs in society, concentrate support measures to them, enhance the potential of top-ranking innovation hubs and encourage such bases to cooperate and compete with one another. METI will deploy support measures (ex: budget, deregulation, etc.) tailored to selected bases in parallel with advancing dialogues with them.

The following support is currently being prepared (as of May 2020) for institutions selected as regional open innovation hubs by this initiative.

  1. Supporting selected hubs in deploying PR activities at home and abroad and advancing collaboration among such hubs (allowing them to make use of the official logo, holding meetings for networking among such hubs, supporting them in developing businesses overseas, etc.); and
  2. Enhancing collaboration between such hubs and two projects conducted under the METI budgets:
    A. Project for supporting regional companies in creating innovations; and
    B. Project for supporting companies in strategically sophisticating their base technologies (“Sapoin Project”)

Our partner companies have applied for and adopted Sapoin Project in April 2020. The preferential treatment for selected bases is valid for 3 years (until FY2022).

We would like all companies that cooperate with this center or are considering to cooperate to use the preferential treatment of this J-Innovation HUB Initiative.

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