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Tohoku University has promoted industry-academia partnership activities on the largest scale in Japan, including setting up an industry-academia collaboration system to facilitate these activities, together with a wide-ranging research establishment and diverse leading-edge research facilities. At this center, we will develop this work further and build a new system to establish a co-creative field of many-to-many cooperative forum where researchers from different fields can work together, i.e.,establishment of "Center of excellence(COE)". Specifically, we will build a system to allow companies to participate in the center's operations to contribute to prompt decision making, a system for the storage and utilization of intellectual property to promote its use by businesses, a system for the "Education" through industry-academia collaborations as well as reforming of current personnel systems, and a system for using common facilities.

In this way, we will promote the "Industrialization" by drawing in companies from Japan and overseas, covering a wide range of fields from materials to devices and systems, and we will develop industry-academia joint research by forming an academia-mediated, many-to-many type co-creation field, where the academia has its mission to constantly produce new seed topics.

Furthermore, we aim to contribute to the regeneration of the Tohoku region by working together with the government of the local public entities (Miyagi Prefectural Government, Sendai City, Iwate Prefecture Government, etc.) to promote the economic effects brought by this research activities under the academic-industrial alliance.


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