Tohoku University Center for Innovative Integrated Electoric Systems

Tohoku University

J-Innovation HUB


Mission & Vision

The Center aims to contribute to the enhancement of global competitiveness in the field of next-generation integrated electronics systems, and work toward the creation of practical applications and new industries, through the research and development of innovative devices and its integrated electronic systems and constructing a consortium for this field under the international collaboration among industries, universities and government.

Mission & Vision

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Logo & Symbols

A logo has been designed to symbolize the CIES mission and vision, whose color tone is green associated with ecology and low power. "i" of CIES derives from "innovation" and "integration". Three rings converging into the "i" represent the integration of knowledge, science & technology with "i", the collaboration of industry, academia and government with "i" and the combination of many kinds of layer researchers from material to system level with "i".