Tohoku University Center for Innovative Integrated Electoric Systems

Tohoku University

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Principles & Objectives

In order to create innovative integrated electronics technology and power electronics technology that responds to energy conservation society and supports the upcoming Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) era, it is necessary to continuously create new growth principles and to promote industry-academia collaboration that combines scientific understanding (ability of science) and advanced manufacturing ability (productivity). It is essential to upgrade and expand the places.
In view of this social requirement, this center builds an international industry-academia collaborating base around the world with a wide range of research seeds accumulated by the university and abundant industry-academia cooperation achievements as a centripetal force, a co-creation field (CIES consortium). We will promote R & D of innovative technologies that will contribute to the future energy-saving society, safety-safe society, etc. Among these, industry-academia cooperation collaborations with various world class domestic and foreign enterprises from upstream industries (materials / processes / ULSI etc.) to downstream industries (software / equipment / systems etc.). In collaboration with large national projects responsible for R & D in the field, local public entities (Miyagi prefecture, Sendai city, Iwate prefecture, etc.), we will develop regional collaboration projects with regional and local companies and support measures from national and regional administration. We also continue to create new core technology groups, contributing to practical application and industrialization of innovative seed technology. Through these efforts, we will create a synergistic effect through collaboration among researchers in a wide range of fields and create a technology supply chain of hierarchical needs and seeds in the future.

Principles & Objectives

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