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Director's Message

Tetsuo Endoh

Director of CIES
Tetsuo Endoh

The integrated electronic systems are exploited for every industrial products and social infrastructure, and are the fundamental technology which determine the quality of life. To meet social demands including energy saving and labor shortage, innovative integrated electronic systems are requested to realize intelligent system as well as ultralow power consumption.

The Center for Innovative Integrated Electronic Systems (CIES) has conducted the CIES consortium through the cooperation of domestic and foreign companies from fields such as materials, equipment, devices, circuits and systems with support of local government. So far the center has enhanced R&D of various innovative technologies regarding integrated electronic systems beneficial for IoT and AI systems. Especially, in STT-MRAM development, we have continuously developed the core technologies from materials and devices based on scientific understanding to integrated processes and circuits, and successfully demonstrated innovative nonvolatile AI processors and commercialized the evaluation equipment, etc. In addition, in the development of the GaN on Si power devices, new members have joined, and the development of the power module technology and innovative power electronics technology have been launched. In the regional collaboration, the activities have been extended by joining Iwate Prefecture in addition to Miyagi prefecture, and the results are identified to help Tohoku reconstruction and regional contribution.

In order to establish world leading R&D base for integrated electronic systems and AI hardware, we will continue to create innovative core technologies and contribute to the industry and the enhancement of global competitiveness by the practical applications, and “new creation and innovation” through global and regional partnership, in addition to playing a role as the research center “core research cluster” in recognition as "Designated National University". I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all for your dedication and continued support.

March 2018