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AI chips/next-generation computing that enables high efficiency and high speed processing /
Computing technology using CMOS/spintronics Hybrid technology

  • Tetsuo Endoh Prof.
    Tetsuo Endoh

A proposal “Computing Technology using CMOS / Spintronics Hybrid Technology (Representative Institute: Tohoku University, Project leader: Prof. Tetsuo Endoh)” was accepted for “Leading Research for Discovering R&D Issues” in NEDO program “AI Chips / Next-generation Computing that enables High Efficiency and High Speed Processing” in 2021.
The current AI processing has the problem of high power consumption due to high-speed calculation of a large amount of data, and it is necessary to reduce the AI computing power. Especially on the edge side, the permissible power consumption is limited, so innovative power-efficient AI computing technology is desired.
In this research, we will integrate the existing CMOS technology with non-volatile and area-efficient spintronics technology to realize the innovative ultra-low power computing. Then, we will conduct leading research on high power efficiency computing technology suitable for edge AI, and next-generation surveillance systems that will be used as monitoring systems as social implementations.

Overview of this leading research

Overview of this leading research