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MEXT Initiative to Establish Next-generation Novel Integrated Circuits Centers (X-NICS)

Innovative spintronics X semiconductor research hub

  • Tetsuo Endoh Prof.
    Tetsuo Endoh

We will put spintronics, which is a game change technology for power saving of integrated circuits led by Japan, at the core. We will comprehensively conduct from R&D of new materials and devices, R&D of circuits, architectures and integrated technologies that bring out their characteristics, to prototype verification for power-saving semiconductor chips that accelerate the development of CMOS semiconductors with collaborative and cooperating organizations. While promoting this activity, we will lead the creation of new science and the transformation of the information society by cultivating the fusion area of electronics with light / neuro / topology, and pioneering new applications such as medical care, space, and information security, and then contribute to the improvement of our research and development capabilities related to semiconductors. We have young researchers and students actively and strategically participate in this hub, and develop human resources who have the practical ability and a bird's-eye view.

Overview of the hub concept

Overview of the hub concept