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FY 2022

Journal Papers

*Peer Reviewed Paper

*25 H. Naganuma, H. Honjo, C. Kaneta, K. Nishioka,S. Ikeda, and T. Endoh,
"Influence of sidewall damage on thermal stability in quad-CoFeB/MgO interfaces by micromagnetic simulation",
AIP Advances,12, 125317,2022/12/21
*24 Y. Ogawa, M. Araidai, T. Endoh, and K. Shiraishi,
"Effect of interfacial nitrogen defects on tunnel magnetoresistance in an Fe/MgO/Fe magnetic tunnel junction",
Journal of Applied Physics,132, 213904,2022/12/2
*23 K. Kobayashi, K. Hayakawa, J. Igarashi, W. A. Borders, S. Kanai, H. Ohno, and S. Fukami,
"External-Field-Robust Stochastic Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Using a Free Layer with Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Coupling",
Physical Review Applied,18,054085,2022/11/29
*22 T. Hioki, and E. Saitoh,
"Stochastic dynamics of a metal magnon parametron",
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 132, 203901, 2022/11/28
*21 K. Hoshi, T. Hioki, E. Saitoh,
"Spin motive force induced by parametric excitation",
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 121, 212404, 2022/11/21
*20 T. Li, Y. Ma, and T. Endoh,
"From Algorithm to Module: Adaptive and Energy-Efficient Quantization Method for Edge Artificial Intelligence in IoT Society",
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics,Early Access,2022/11/18
*19 M. Aoki, E. Shigematsu, R. Ohshima, T. Shinjo, M. Shiraishi, and Y. Ando,
"Anomalous sign inversion of spin-orbit torque in ferromagnetic/nonmagnetic bilayer systems due to self-induced spin-orbit torque",
Physical Review B, 106, 174418, 2022/11/17
*18 S. Yoshii, K. Kato, E. Shigematsu, R. Ohshima, Y. Ando, K. Usami and M. Shiraishi, "Significant suppression of two-magnon scattering in ultrathin Co by controlling the surface magnetic anisotropy at the Co/nonmagnet interfaces", Physical Review B, 106, 174414, 2022/11/16
*17 S. Sakamoto, T. Nozaki, S. Yuasa, K. Amemiya, and S. Miwa,
"Origin of enhanced interfacial perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in LiF-inserted Fe/MgO interface",
Physical Review B, 106, 174410, 2022/11/14
*16 J. Okabayashi, K.Z. Suzuki, S. Mizukami,
"Tracing magnetic atom diffusion with annealing at the interface between CoMn alloy and MnGa layer by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism",
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 564, 170163, 2022/11/11
*15 Won‐Yong Lee, Min‐Sung Kang, Jae Won Choi, Si‐Hoo Kim, No‐Won Park, Gil‐Sung Kim, Yun‐Ho Kim, E. Saitoh, Young‐Gui Yoon, Sang‐Kwon Lee,
"Abnormal Seebeck Effect in Vertically Stacked 2D/2D PtSe2/PtSe2 Homostructure",
ADVANCED SCIENCE, 9, 2203455, 2022/11/10
*14 R. Kawarazaki, H. Narita, Y. Miyasaka, Y. Ikeda, R. Hisatomi, A. Daido, Y. Shiota, T. Moriyama, Y. Yanase, Alexey V. Ognev, Alexander S. Samardak and T. Ono,
"Magnetic-field-induced polarity oscillation of superconducting diode effect",
Applied Physics Express, 15, 113001, 2022/11/1
*13 K. Ohnishi, M. Aoki, R. Ohshima, E. Shigematsu, Y. Ando, T. Takenobu and M. Shiraishi,
"All-electric spin device operation using the Weyl semimetal, WTe2, at room temperature",
Advanced Electronic Materials, 9, 2200647, 2022/10/18
*12 N. Yamashita, E. Shigematsu, S. Honda, R. Ohshima, M. Shiraishi and Y. Ando,
"Realization of efficient tuning of the Fermi level in iron-based ferrimagnetic alloys",
PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS, 6, 104405, 2022/10/12
*11 H. Mizuno,T. Moriyama, K. Tanaka, M. Kawaguchi, T. Koyama, D. Chiba and T. Ono,
"Electric field effect on spectroscopic g-factor and magnetic anisotropy in a Pt/Co/MgO ultrathin film",
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 61, 103001, 2022/10/10
*10 T. Kikkawa, K. Oyanagi, T. Hioki, M. Ishida, Z. Qiu, R. Ramos, Y. Hashimoto, and E. Saitoh,
"Composition-tunable magnon-polaron anomalies in spin Seebeck effects in epitaxial Bi x Y 3− x Fe 5 O 12 films",
PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS, 6, 104402, 2022/10/6
*9 Y. Kurokawa, Y. Tahara, Y. Hamada, M. Fujimoto, H. Yuasa,
"Scalable spin Seebeck thermoelectric generation using Fe-oxide nanoparticle assembled film on flexible substrate",
Scientific Reports, 12, 16605, 2022/10/5
*8 A. Hirohata, K. Elphick, D.C. Lloyd, S. Mizukami,
"Interfacial quality to control tunnelling magnetoresistance",
Frontiers in Physics, 10, (2022).,2022/10/4
*7 M. Uemoto, H. Adachi, H. Naganuma, and T. Ono,
"Density functional study of twisted graphene L10-FePd heterogeneous interface",
Journal of Applied Physics, 132, 095301, 2022/9/1
*6 R. R. Chowdhury, S. DuttaGupta, C. Patra, A. Kataria, S. Fukami, and R. P. Singh,
"Anisotropic magnetotransport in the layered antiferromagnet TaFe1.25Te3",
Physical Review Materials, 6, 084408, 2022/8/12
*5 T. Funatsu, S. Kanai, J. Ieda, S. Fukami, and H. Ohno,
"Local bifurcation with spin-transfer torque in superparamagnetic tunnel junctions", Nature Communications,13, 4079(1)-(8) (2022).,2022/7/14
*4 H. Masuda, T. Seki, Y. Yamane, R. Modak, K. Uchida, J. Ieda, Y.C. Lau, S. Fukami, and K. Takanashi,
"Large Antisymmetric Interlayer Exchange Coupling Enabling Perpendicular Magnetization Switching by an In-Plane Magnetic Field",
17, 054036, 2022/5/23
*3 L. Zhang, Y. Ma, and T. Endoh,
"Efficient BCH Code Encoding and Decoding Algorithm with Divisor-Distance-Based Polynomial Division for STT-MRAM",
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Early Accessのため未定
*2 T. Uchimura, J.Y. Yoon, Y. Sato, Y. Takeuchi, S. Kanai, R. Takechi, K. Kishi, Y. Yamane, S. DuttaGupta, J. Ieda, H. Ohno, and S. Fukami,
"Observation of domain structure in non-collinear antiferromagnetic Mn3Sn thin films by magneto-optical Kerr effect",
Applied Physics Letters, 120, 172405 , 2022/4/27
*1 Y. Yamane, S. Fukami, and J. Ieda, "Theory of Emergent Inductance with Spin-Orbit Coupling Effects", Physical Review Letters,128, 147201,2022/4/7