Poster Session

High density SOT-MRAM memory array based on a single transistor
Rana Alhalabi, Leti, technology research institute
Reduction of write current with ultra-thin spin-Hall effect electrode in Voltage-Control Spintronics Memory (VoCSM)
Buyandalai Altansargai , Toshiba Corporation
Enhancement of HfO2 Based RRAM Performance Through Hexagonal Boron Nitride Interface Layer
Yi-Shao Chen, Peking University
Investigation of vacancy role in the amorphization of GeTe by Au-doping
Jinlong Feng, Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Improvement of Endurance and Data-retention in 40nm TaOX-based ReRAM by Finalize Verify
Shouhei Fukuyama, Chuo University
DFT+NEGF Current Transport Simulations of Resistive Switching Devices
Carsten Funck, RWTH Aachen University
Electrical Characterization of Emerging Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Chips
Abhishek Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology
Enhancement of thermal stability and operation energy in Sb2Te3 induced by Ag and Cu doping
Soobin Hwang, Yonsei University
Passive Amorphous Silicon Carbide Resistive Random Access Memory Arrays
O. Kapur, University of Southampton
The influence of interfacial (sub)oxide layers on the properties of pristine resistive switching devices
Andreas Kindsmüller , RWTH Aachen University
Maximizing Performance/Cost Figure of Merit of S-SCM-based SSD by Adding Small Capacity of M-SCM
Reika Kinoshita, Chuo University
Transient Joule Heating in PrMnO3 RRAM enables ReLU type Neuron
Sandip G. Lashkare, IIT Bombay
Oxygen tuned amorphous structure of GeSe for stackable selector applications
Guangyu Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Control of structural order and its impact on optical reflectivity contrast of epitaxial GeSbTe thin films
Andriy Lotnyk, Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering (IOM)
Determination of the Charge Centroid of Holes Trapped in MONOS–Type Memories at High Gate Voltages
Hiroshi Mino, Tokai University
Manufacturing Process Improvement for Forming-free TaOx-based ReRAM by Magnetron Sputtering Method
Yuusuke Miyaguchi, ULVAC
Novel multi-scale modeling paradigm in engineering charge trapping memory devices: From material simulation to prediction of device behavior and cost reduction in engineering 3D NAND
Milan Pešić, MDLSoft Inc.
Understanding the switching mechanism of interfacial phase change memory
Yuta Saito, AIST
Periodic Data Eviction Algorithm of SCM/NAND Flash Hybrid SSD with SCM Retention Time Constraint Capabilities at Extremely High Temperature
Atsuya Suzuki, Chuo University
An Artificial General Intelligence Aspirant: Versatile Tianjic Platform inspired from Brain
Pei Tang, Tsinghua University
Research of Read-Margin Dependence on Array Size for Asymmetric Resistive Memory Cell
Zhizhen Yu, Peking University
Reactive Ion Etching Induced Damage Due to Hydrogen Penetration in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
Yu Zhao, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hierarchical ReRAM Crossbar Design for Write Variation Inhibition in On-chip Training
Qilin Zheng, Peking University